Friday, January 13, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

Someone should tell him it's dangerous to do construction in the nude
What? That's my job?

Let it be known. I love being a mom to boys.

I have always wanted to have boys. And God has blessed me with two "all boy" boys.

I love that they love to play superheros and rescue the princess. I love the action figures, the forts, the buzz lightyear undies, and the wrestling. I love to hear them grunt, groan, and giggle. I love to hear them say "hi ya!". And I love their imagination when they role play.

Spaceship of course!

But...with boys comes things I don't love so much. I don't like the mess, broken toys, the muddy floors, boogers, blood (because one of them is always bleeding), the physical fights, the pee on the floor (right next to the toilet), the stained t-shirts, the desire to jump off of anything that is high, and the yelling. Did I mention that I don't like the mess?

Poor Buzz

These are things that come along with being boys. I understand that. But I feel like there is a fine line between "boys being boys" and boys being naughty.

I don't like it that they don't play nice with their toys. I don't like that I have to hide new books because I know they will be destroyed.

I so desire to teach my kids to be grateful and respectful of their "things". I want them to be able to play with their toys, and I understand that boys are going to be rough. But I want them to "play nice" and not destroy things.

Where's the line? I talk to them about being respectful of their toys and of each other. But I do NOT want to be the mom that gets upset over a broken toy.

Lord help me with these little boys! Good thing they are so funny!

So for now I painted this on the wall in the playroom. I guess if I can't beat 'em I'll join 'em.

Besides...she really loves all this chaos!

~PS. This will be the toughest girl around~

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