Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buzz Boys

For those of you who don't already know about Josiah's hair, I will tell you now....I struggle with it. A couple of years ago Josiah and I had a horrible experience with a buzzer. Yes, it was tragic (pictured right). I buzzed his perfect head of hair. Well after our most recent mohawk trail there was no saving it. So I was forced once again to buzz it. Only this time it didn't turn out as bad. I guess it's a bit thicker than it before.

Josiah is a very compliant child and will sit there quietly while I chop away at his main. Micah on the other hand....well I will be video taping our next adventure. I can only ever buzz it and I literally have to hold him in a "very humane" headlock to get him to hold still. It is quite the sight to see. This past week was the dreaded haircut week. James' Grandpa Dean and his wife Caroline were over for dinner (which we do quite often). But they had never had the joy of seeing the haircuts. Here's my "Embrace the Camera" moment.

There is sweet Dean holding (a still full head of hair) Micah who is smooching on sweet Ella. And there I am in all my glory buzzing the tar out of Jo's hair. Yes, he's sitting on the patio on a cooler. To our neighbors they must think we are just the most trashy people. I mean look at this pic I took of Micah one morning. Yes he's wearing crocks that are 3 sizes too big and undies (no he's not potty trained, he pooped in those about 15 min later).

Don't they look like they all had so much fun on haircut night?

Oh well, this is us. In all our glory. Nutty, Crazy, a little Tacky. But usually FUN!

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