Thursday, September 22, 2011

Super Mom

Josiah is SO into superheros these days. I love it. I love having the kid who wants to wear his Batman costume everywhere. Even when I was in high school I loved seeing those kids all dressed up when they were shopping with their Moms in the grocery stores. And now I have one of my own! For his birthday Jo got this really "awesome" Green Lantern mask. And as you can see it is one of the most unflattering masks ever made by anyone.

Exibit A:

See....yeah. Worst picture I have ever taken. Even James who is usually doting on me about my beauty, said this is NOT a good picture. I do look super though, I mean it even makes my boobs look SUPER big.

But the point is that Josiah looks great and he'll remember the times I tried to steal his mask and tell him I'm super Mom. So here's my Embrace the Camera moment of the week. Hoping that next week I'll take a super pretty one with the kids. Odds are not looking good. Hehehe

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