Friday, March 23, 2012


I feel like I was just here. 
Talking about medical issues with Ella. Talking about struggling with guilt that comes with ER visits.
This weekend did not help.
Micah woke up with a cough on Sunday morning. No big deal, right?
By 10pm he was struggling to breath. He is a loud snorer, so I didn't notice if he was wheezing or not. But something didn't seem right. His stomach was retracting under his ribs and his throat was caving in.
By 10:30 he was being rushed through Urgent Care to the x-ray room.
No pneumonia. Thank God, right?
"Not necessarily" says the Dr. This could be a indication of something more serious.
His "stats" were so low {82% oxygen level when he was crying}, and I had no clue!


What did I do wrong this time? Did I wait too long to bring him in? Have I never noticed Micah having an asthma attack before?
It appeared to the Dr that Micah was having a viral induced asthma attack.
 He was put on a asthma treatment plan.
They gave him meds to help slow his breathing and allow his lungs to expand.
We were then admitted into the hospital so they could monitor him and see if his breathing would improve. 
Micah was miserable. I was miserable. James and the kids were miserable.
I'm so grateful that my mother could come and help with the kids at home. We would have been in real trouble without her help.

After over 30 hours we were allowed to return home. We were both so ready. After getting a few hours of sleep in the entire stay, we both needed some rest.
The meds did their job.
The steroid and the breathing treatments he was on make him act like a NUT JOB (literally bouncing off the walls), but they did their job. His lungs were getting stronger.

 Thanks Mom for letting me borrow your iPad! Temple Run may have saved my sanity!
Yes, Micah was jumping off the bed. Steroids!

This picture was taken hours before we went to the hospital. He fell at the park.
This boy…he's going to give me a heart attack!
~Now I feel the need to pray against any pending heart attacks~
But I continue to thank my Creator for giving us healthy bodies. Sometimes they may be weak, but we are strong, and we are able to heal!

 Praise God for that!

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