Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Pampered Life

On Tuesday night I got spoiled.
The men in my Bible Study had all bought gift certificates for their wives to all get a mani/pedi.

Normally, I'm just not a huge fan of getting these. I think it's a waste of money for something I can do myself. But this was different. It was a hot stone massage mani/pedi.

Yes…I was enjoying myself!

I felt completely spoiled. And it didn't hurt that I'm obsessed with the color of the nail polish I chose!
And then yesterday I got an email from Emily @ The Anderson Crew telling me I had won her sponsor giveaway! So exciting!!

And while I was living the pampered life; this is not the life that most of the world gets to experience.
Most people around the world take great pains just to find food for the day.
They have to walk miles and miles to get water (and not the kind of water we drink).

Every 6 seconds a child dies of hunger or hunger related circumstances.

Last night my family went to package food portions with an organization called Kid's Against Hunger.
It was such a great teaching moment for our kids. The car ride down we were able to talk to our kids about what hunger is. We got to talk to them about the importance of serving others. We told them how blessed they are to have food every day. To have treats!

We packaged food with our boys.
Our 3 and 4  year olds were able to help pack rice into bags and then box them up to be sent away.

If you have the opportunity to serve with your family, I highly recommend it. It took an hour.
One hour to bless starving people.

We will pray with our boys that the food is delivered to hungry tummies and that God's love will spread through this little act they did.

I am so spoiled. I am so sickly spoiled to live the way I do.
I have a urgency to teach my kids to know they are spoiled to. And to better the world because of it!

Please check Kid's Against Hunger out. You won't be sorry you did!

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