Monday, August 27, 2012

Kansas City

We traveled to Kansas City for a quick little visit.
We spent a few nights in Colorado Springs visiting my family.
We got home and I spent the day cleaning and packing up…again.
Then headed out for our 9 hour drive to Kansas City for a little family reunion to celebrate James' uncle's 60th birthday party.

It was so fun!

They live on a lake and have the most amazing backyard.
This is their back yard.

This diving board is actually really high, Micah was a champ and went off the board over, and over again the first night. But wouldn't have anything to do it the second day. 

See….looking a little timid.


 How gorgeous is their dock?
And that man?

There was even a kiddie pool on the pontoon boat.

Did you catch that?
Grandma drinking a beer.
I love it!

This is exactly what the weekend looked like.
Just a lot of floating.

So much fun! But we were so happy to be  home. Finally!

And now that summer is coming to an end, it was a perfect way to wrap things up!
I am truly blessed to have great family surrounding me!

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