Thursday, November 10, 2011

School Blues

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It has been a rough week for Josiah. On Monday he told his preschool teacher that she needed to call me because he was sick.
He was not sick.
Tuesday he cried when I dropped him off.
Wednesday he started to cry again at drop off and refused to let go of my leg.

This is not my Josiah. He is social, loves learning, and loves his school.

So I asked his teacher if he was doing ok in the classroom and she told me that he's been reserved and distant. The kids are having a hard time understanding him, and because of that he is beginning to distance himself from them.

I literally had to hold back the tears when she told me this.

Josiah is extremely sensitive, but he has never been shy or distant with other kids. We knew that his speech delay might cause some problems as he entered Elementary School, but to find out that it's changing his outgoing personality already is devastating to me.

He is still too young to really know what's wrong or that he even has a problem with his "words"; but I know. I know that friends will come and go in his life. And I know that his feelings will be hurt, and kids might even make fun of him for it. But I'm his Mom, and I want to shield him from anything that will bring him pain.

He will be fine. I guess it's just me that's going to have to "be tough". I can't cry every time a teacher tells me he's struggling with something. I'll look like a nut job! And one of my biggest worries is looking like a fool to my kid's teachers. But I can pretty much guarantee that's going to happen!

I know that prayer works. I will keep praying that Jo's speech with continue to improve and that it will not make him feel sad, or different. We are so blessed by how perfect our children are. I know it could be SO much worse. God is good, and all things are under His control!

But "oh my", I have never felt that kind of pain before. Feeling sorrow for you kids is awful. Especially when there is not much you can do to help it! Thank God for ice cream, helps all sort of problems!

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