Monday, May 28, 2012

Note To Self

I heard the best sermon at church the other day.

It was all about how important it is to pour blessings into our children, spouses, families, and friends.

I know that I was insanely blessed with parents who invested into my life. James was blessed the same way. Even our grandparents invested into our lives (and still into the lives of our children).

Our parents took us to church, taught us about Jesus, told us we were made for a special purpose, and told us how loved we were.

I never realized the importance of their words and actions until I had kids of my own. I see the desire for acceptance in their eyes. They beg for approval, physical touch, and time with us.

Our pastor gave us 5 things (from the book The Blessing) that are essential to do in order to bless our kids. I had to write is down and make a mental note…I cannot forget to do this!

1. Give them meaningful physical touch.
For my kids this means wrestling. Boys….
But they love to rough house. They love to know they can play with us (yes…me included)
They need for me to kiss their battle wounds, cuddle with them, and give lots of hugs.
Touching my kids is a key way we express our love for them!

2. Spoken Message
For Josiah, this is so important. He needs to hear words of affirmation. "You are special." You have a specific purpose that the Lord created you to do." "You are funny." "You are handsome." "You are smart." "I love you to the moon and back."
These words can change their life, and speak into it.
If you never tell your kids what they are worth, or how much you love them, how will they know?

3. Attach High Value
This one is pretty self explanatory…tell them what they are worth! They are created with a special purpose. They are needed. They are special. They are irreplaceable. Make them feel it…make them believe it!

4. Picture a Special Future
This one is fun to do with my kids. I ask them what they want to be and then tell them that it can happen! You want to be a fireman today? You will be the best fireman and you will save so many people!
You want to be a barber when you grow up (Josiah said this once…it was so cute!). You will make people look so great!
It is so fun to hear their dreams and tell them that anything they choose to do will be astonishing! They will be good at their job, successful, and leave a meaningful impact!

5. Active Commitment
I must choose every day to invest into my children. I cannot "drop the ball". I have to be involved, active, and invested into their lives. They need to know that I am with them every second of every day (even if we are physically apart). I am not even close to being 100% involved with them at all moments. I don't think that's even possible. But I know the importance of being their Mom and being part of who they are.

I had to get this down! I have to remember this. I need to invest into my children's lives. They will know they are loved. They will do great things (to me….this has nothing to do with making money). They will be kind, loving, and full of compassion.
I will speak this into their lives. I will fill them with love and I will attach high value to them.

They will know their worth in Christ…I will tell them…every….single…day.

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