Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WIW…Derby Style

Here in Colorado the Kentucky Derby isn't really a thing we celebrate. Unless you are cool and you live in downtown Denver; like my brother-in-law and his super trendy wife.

They have their annual Derby Party and I guess we're cool enough to get invited.

So I was excited to get dressed up and wear a super big hat.
Why would I ever say no to an invite like that?

Dress w/Belt: Ebay ~$8.00~
Hat: Sister-in-law's Bridal Shower…good reason to re-use it!
Shoes: Target Clearance ~$6.00~
Necklace: Gift (so ~free~ for me!)

I also made these lovely Mint Julep Cupcakes for the party.
They were yummy…and with over 1 cup of alcohol in the batter, were for adults only.
I found the recipe here.
But they sure were pretty!

There's Micah, Photo Bombing

"I do declare…you are my hero!"

Last year this is what wore…9 months pregnant with Ella.
What a difference a year can make.

This year was much more fun I was able to bring Ella with me…
in my arms this time.

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