Thursday, May 24, 2012

Superhero Fight

According to my 4 year old:

In a fight who would win?

Spiderman VS Batman
~Spiderman because he could wrap Batman up with his web

Spiderman VS Green Lantern
~Green Lanter man because he has a laser ring to shoot spiderman

Green Lantern VS Captain America
~Captain America because he has a gun, and a shield to block the laser from Green Lantern man

Captain America VS Peter Pan
~Peter Pan because he can throw his tiny sword at Captain America…and he can fly

Peter Pan VS The Hulk
~The Hulk because he's huge. 

The Hulk VS Everybody
~The Hulk because he's so so huge.

Who's the best superhero of all time?
~Jesus. Because he can do everything. He can turn to any superhero and he can become invisible. And because he came back to life. Nobody else did that!

Yeah…I really love this kid.

But with a mind like that….who wouldn't love him?

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