Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Sleepover

It's tradition in our home to have whatever you want for your birthday dinner. 3 years in a row Josiah has chosen Lucky Charms. This year was a real treat….chocolate Lucky Charms. YUM

I always throw birthday parities for Josiah. Big ones. Too big.

I wanted to do something smaller this year. My solution: A sleepover.

I know. Crazy, right?

I have to say….it was so much fun!

5 boys; ages 5 to 3. One little lady. 17 hours of party. Chaos. Popcorn. Pizza. Treats.

Park Playtime (best idea ever).

 The Birthday boy was dying of excitement the entire night.

They all ended up shirtless, why does this always happen at my house.
Yes…even Ella got in on that action (cool your jets girl).

James brought home a parachute and set it up in the playroom. Instant fort.
They all fell asleep by 10:15pm. I was pretty impressed.

The morning after. Looking a bit more docile.
The funniest part of the party was that they were dying to change their clothes together. They were so excited to get in the pajamas, and then more excited to get into their clothes the next morning.

And I finally had a reason to make these birthday cake pancakes. To.Die.For.

It was so much fun.
And I loved being able to be the "cool parents".
Who am I kidding…James is always a cool parent.

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