Monday, September 17, 2012

Norwex Cloths {Change the way you Clean}

I am a born skeptic of commercial products.

I never jump on the bandwagon, and I never spend money on name brand products.

That being said I have to plug Norwex.
I had a fellow mom, Rachel, come over for a playdate. While she was here she showed me these amazing Norwex products.

These are life changing!

I've talked before about how I love thrifty cleaning products, but these microfiber clothes take the cake.

Not only are they sanitary (using silver as an antibacterial), but they make cleaning SO EASY!

Here's what she showed me:

These were two of the exact same tubes. Filled with the same amount of liquid.

Then she rub raw chicken on my counter. Yes. Raw Chicken. Ew!

Then she tested the area she rubbed the chicken. Look at all that protein that is evident.

She wiped it with just this cloth and tap water. Just water!
Then retested the area for protein.


Amazing. It really, truly was impressive.

These products are designed to clean without any chemicals, just water. And they work!

I cleaned my windows (which are the bane of my existence with three small children) with just water. I was able to clean up bacon grease with one easy wipe and the grease was gone. Then I went over it with the window cloth and they were no streaks. My home has never been so streak free. I even cleaned my TV screen and MAC screen. No exaggeration!

Imagine the money you can save!
I am one step closer to being a completely chemical free home.

I'm in love.

Thank you Rachel for changing the way I clean forever!

Check it out for yourself!

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