Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Cover a Kitchen Chair for Less than $1 each!

My boys are gross.There is no way around it. They are adorable. They are sweet. They are silly. But they are filthy! Especially Micah, he's constantly dirty.

And they are MESSY eaters. They use the seat cushions of my kitchen chairs instead of napkins.

Exhibit A

When we bought our chairs a few years ago I was more interested in the color of the wood then the seats themselves. When I found the perfect color I bought it without thinking about the seats. They are microfiber which is good for stain management...but they are still fabric. This is NOT good with toddlers!


So I was fumbling online to find some sort of vinyl covers for my seats. They were expensive, and quite frankly...tacky looking. So I took a trip to Wal-Mart. Found a table cloth for $3.50 (I first made sure it was an easy clean material, like vinyl), and decided to try it on my own!

So here's what I did to cover my boys chairs. Easy. Easy. Easy.

Step 1: Remove Seat From Chair

Each Chair is different and remember don't force anything.
You don't want to break your chair!
{Now I sound like my mother} "Don't force'll break it!!"

Step 2: Measure and Cut Tablecloth

I laid my seat onto the tablecloth and used a marker
to outline exactly where I needed to cut the cloth.

Step 3: Use staple gun to staple tablecloth to seat (borrow one if needed. So worth it!)

Make sure you pull on the cloth as you go. You want it to be tight.
Loose fabric will not look as nice and it will be easier for kids to rip.

Step 4: Screw seat back onto chair frame.

And you're done! While these may not be the nicest looking chairs. I'm certainly happy with how it came out for under $1 a chair! This project didn't take me more than an hour and it was worth every second! Now the boys have their own "special chairs". And I have a much easier surface to clean up after they are done.

Now if I could just figure out how to protect the rest of my house....

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