Thursday, February 23, 2012

Play With Them

It's hard for me to get the energy to play with my boys sometimes.

That sounds horrible.

They are so funny, creative, and silly. And I can barely muster the energy to giggle with them.

I have laundry, dishes, dusting, bathrooms, cooking, baby rearing …well you get the idea.

But to actually take time to play with them.

I have always admired those moms who are able to be really crafty with their kids. But sitting and doing crafts doesn't seem to be my niche. I'm not exactly the most artistic of gals (you should see my attempt at a dog…it looks like a squirrel…a really messed up squirrel).

My boys play together great most of the time. But I know that this time I have with them will be over so quickly, and I don't want to waste it just trying to always clean my home!

I've come up with some clever ways to do this more often…here's my top ten.

10. Take 15 min before I do the dishes to play a board game.

9. Chase them around the kitchen island 15 times or until I can't breath any more.

8. Build a fort with them. And then destroy the fort with them.

7. Have them help with folding the laundry. I don't know why, but they think it's really fun.

6. Make a "craft" for daddy. Like a heart with stickers on it (cause that's about as crafty as it gets in this house)

5. Let them help me with dinner.

4. Tell stories at lunch with them.

3. Let them paint the tub.

2. Sing silly songs with them (youtube has been very helpful)

1. Dance party. This is my ultimate favorite. 10 min of non-stop cardio for everybody!

This is my embrace the camera moment. Who knew I could still do this. We're now trying to teach the boys how to do this. I know what you're thinking, and yes, I probably will regret this decision later.

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