Friday, February 24, 2012

The Many Faces Of My Babies

Babies make have the cutest faces. They can be so expressive.
I have never been able to delete the multitude of "same shot" photos from my computer. 
I will sit there in front of my kids snapping away until I get one picture of their "cute face".
But when I've uploaded them onto my computer, I find it impossible to delete all the other ones I've taken. 

Josiah at 4 months old.
He had refulx and he wasn't the happiest baby, so getting pics of him smiling was really hard : (

I've never know what to do with all of those pictures I've taken. I don't scrapbook. 
I may one day…but it's not today.
So when I found that I could just cut and paste them all together I thought this was the perfect way to get all my favorite face pictures next to each other.

 Micah Brian at 4 months old.
He was by far my fattest baby. 

Ella Beverly at 8 months old. 
Happy as can be!

And here's where I can see God's fingerprint every day!
I am just so thankful for modern technology! 
Here's to memory preservation!


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