Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Independence Day Style

This is such a funky pose….I look like nerd.

But I love dressing up for July 4th in red, white, and blue (of course).

Striped tank: Ross $4
White Shorts: WalMart $9
Flip Flops: Target so old

 Is this tank too much? I hate how it splits in the back.
Oh well…I will wear it anyway!

 And the patriotic nails…of course!

I started the day by taking the boys to a little (when I say little I mean miniature) parade in our town. They got candy and got to hang out with their friends. 
So they were thrilled.

I got to keep them from jumping in the road.
So…good times were had by all.

Yes, my best friends all look like supermodels….geesh!

I made this for dessert….here's the recipe.

We were one of the only towns in CO that was allowed to fireworks.
If you haven't heard….there are a few (and by few I mean millions) of fires here.

Jo without his tooth.
That tooth was pulled about a week ago and no fun was had by anybody.
Have I ever told you how much I don't like the dentist (no offense to those dentists out there!)

I tried to take Ella's bottle (don't' judge me that I still give my 13 month old a bottle) from her to get a cute picture and she screamed at me (that's why I still give her her bottle…I don't like being yelled at).

But could you say no to this face?
You are stronger than me!

This looks cute…but what is coming out of her mouth is a blood curtailing squeal.
Earplugs anybody?

Have you tried this popcorn?
I am a true popcorn connoisseur (this is a lie, I just love all popcorn), and this is the best bagged popcorn ever.

Don't my boys look thrilled in this picture taken at nearly 10pm?

Happy 4th! Here's to many more to come!

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