Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Happily Ever After

Be prepared for picture overload. 
But these make my heart happy!

 Trying to get a serious pose is so hard!

I had to incorporate the sage into our outfits!
What better way than toenail polish!

This was our first paid for professional photo shoot.
So I was a little on edge about the while thing.
I was so nervous about making sure our clothes coordinated but didn't match!
I based our entire shoot off of Ella's dress (Baby Gap - gift from my baby shower)
And I made her headband.
Find it here!
I then purchased a sage shirt from Ross for James ($12)
Then I got Josiah shirt from Khols ($4) and his tie off of Ebay ($4)
Micah's shirt was from Ebay too ($12 -pricy…but I was desperate)
I found my dress and belt at F21 ($24 for both).

I had so much fun prepping, and even more fun at the shoot!
Thank you to the amazing Corrie Kraft!
Now you are stuck with us!

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