Friday, April 13, 2012

About Me

I'll start by introducing myself to any of you who are new here!
Thank you so much for stopping by my little slice of "outlet".

My name is Bethany and this is where I try to chart my memories of early motherhood.
I'm a terrible journaler" {this is a word I made up…because I can do that here}  and I never print out photos. So this has been the perfect tool for me to vent scratch down those memories.

I am 26 27 (the hubby just pointed out that I am in fact not 26..geeze) years old and have 3 {yes 3} children. I was married to the best man at age 21, and within 4 years of marriage had 3 children.

Yes…my husband is very handsome. Thank you for noticing!

You can see a little more about me here.

{~Micah 3  ~Ella 10 months  ~Josiah 4}

I am trying my best to raise children who will grow to love the Lord.
I am growing in my walk with Christ, but I don't think I'll ever be as close to Him on this earth as I would like. I am broken, fragile, and sinful. But Christ is full of grace {and I need a lot of it!}.
You can find a little more of what I believe here.

I will not try to tell you that I have it all together. It's not even close to that in my house. I often neglect my house duties (for instance I have had a load of wet laundry in the washing machine since yesterday morning….shoot!}. I will lose my temper with my kids (working on that one). I will let them run around naked ( we really class up our neighborhood), and I let them play in the mud, often.
More on who I am as a mother here.

But I love my family with all my heart. And I'm so grateful for a husband who supports all of my crazy.
I am always changing. As a mother of such young kids, so close together I am forced to learn to adapt. And I am forced to work on my patience…daily!

I would love for you to stick around. Read my ramblings. Hear about my joy, my pain, and my life.

It's a crazy life I live. But I am so blessed! I still don't know why God trusted me with this amazing family. But I am so grateful He did!

Thanks for stalking peeking into my life.

Stay a while!

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