Thursday, April 19, 2012

Letter to Josiah

Dear Josiah,

You are amazing. You are 4 years and 7 months old and truly, truly amazing. It must be hard for you; being the first born. I am learning everything about motherhood through you. I am so grateful that you were first. You are very forgiving. I have made so many mistakes with you, and you forgive me unconditionally. You love everybody without abandon. Even those who are cruel to you. In your eyes everybody is your friend, everybody is a playmate, and everybody is wonderful.

You have a joy that surpasses all of my understanding. You are sweet, compassionate, loving, generous, and kind. You have the best sense of humor, and can always bring a smile to my face. You love to dance, make silly faces, and tell jokes. It hurts you when we don't understand your joke. You desire to make everybody happy.

You are so compliant, and I am so thankful for that. You are such an obedient boy. I know that this will serve as a wonderful tool for you as you grow. You are going to be a loving, compassionate, man of God.  You aim to please the Lord. You will serve Him in ways that will bless others. You will have a heart for the needy. You will fight for the weak and oppressed. You will stand up for those who cannot do it for themselves. You will be a beacon of light for this world. You have such a sensitive spirit, and this will only grow in you. Your heart will be able to see things that most of the world would pass by.

You ask the most intelligent questions. You are four years old and already you have questioned your Daddy and me about things that make us scratch our heads. You have asked things like "Why did Jesus pray to God if He is God?". Oh Josiah, if you only knew what kind of a question that really was. I wish I saw the world through your eyes. This world needs more people like you.

I am so honored to be your Mommy. And your siblings are so lucky to have a brother like you to teach them, stick up for them, and love on them. You are incredible!

 I love to to Heaven and back {and you would say…"I love you all the way to Heaven and all the way up and around and around and back and around and back…that's a lot of love!"}



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