Monday, April 2, 2012

What I Love About….Josiah at 4

Josiah is like a new boy.
Once he turned 4 years old his mind began to grow like crazy!
He seriously says the funniest things. He has the best sense of humor, and the sweetest nature. 

He is sensitive, caring, generous, and sweet beyond words!

I love that his imagination is growing. He comes up with the most elaborate stories about superheros.

Things Jo says:

"Mommy, can I have some CheezeIts? You told me that you need to eat everything when you are hungry. And I am hungry and so I need to eat CheezeIts so I can grow!"

"If I drink your boobie juice I will EXPLODE"

"Adam and Eve were naked. But they had a lot of hair. Pa (his grandpa) has no hair like them."
 ~funny cause it's true~

"Daddy you are not pretty. Mommy is pretty. Girls are pretty and boys are cool. Daddy you are cool."

"I want to go on my honeymoon with "Vee Vee) {Olivia}. But you will have to come with me, cause I don't drive, and I won't know where to go".

"Mommy, I really want to go to Heaven."

"You never pet a cat like this (demonstrating a 'rough petting' motion). Because if you do that they will scratch you in the face. That is why I do not want a cat in my house."

James would play this game with Josiah about the characters on his undies. In a silly voice James would say "Hey…Buzz says it's stinky down here!". Josiah laughs so hard for this nonsense and came up with his own. While wearing undies with basketballs, baseballs, and footballs on them Josiah says "Hey…my balls say it's stinky down here."

"My angel says 'Don't be afraid' ".

James showed a pic of Jesus to Josiah and asked "Who's this?" Josiah said "Looks like grace to me."

Josiah reading to his brother. Moments like this are my slice of heaven.

Things I love about Jo:

I love that he is like a sponge, and can remember almost everything I tell him.

I love that he loves to hear Bible Stories.

I love that he would rather stay home and play with Micah than go to school. Just like his Mommy…wanting to ditch already.

I love that his favorite thing to do is play with Daddy.

I love that he wants to please.

That when he gets hurt, he still thinks my kiss can heal it.

That he is beginning to understand things better. Like what rolls (a ball) and what slides (a book). Smarty pants!

That he know what his vowels are. And recites them at random.

I love that he doesn't like bugs. Can you really blame him?

 Loves to help with his baby sister. He was so proud of himself!

Being silly, as usual.

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