Monday, April 9, 2012


It was a great day.

Early morning start for me. Just oatmeal for breakfast for the boys. Then off to church. It was a great sermon {from what I heard…no childcare…}. It was about not being a "fan" of Jesus, but a true follower. I'm excited for the rest of the series {especially since there will be somewhere to drop off my children}.

This was Ella's First Easter
{and her last "1st" holiday}

She was crabby…due to getting teeth up top. But gorgeous as always.

Lunch at James parents house.
I really missed my parents. From what I hear it was really quite at their house this year. 
It's really sad to think about those future days when my kids are off doing their own thing.

James was very determined that Ella wear this dress. He finagled the zipper for 20 minutes before we could get it to work. Pure determination.
Totally worth it. She was perfect!

The boys had 2 egg hunts. A community egg hunt on Saturday and then another at James' parents.
Josiah needed 2 baskets to hold all of his loot. 
My poor kids are so deprived
~eye roll~

Because I couldn't pass this dress up, she had to have an outfit change.
Love this dress!


I think the best part of the day was that they boys walked around singing this song all day.

{make sure you scroll down to the bottom of my blog and pause my music}

 My God's Not Dead..He's Surely Alive!!!

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