Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So What

Thought I'd join to fun of So What Wednesday.

{So What…}

If I I've been looking at the same bottle of lotion on my counter for 2 weeks now. It doesn't have a home, and I can't seem to throw it away. After all it is Bath and Body Works lotion…and you don't just throw that away (even if it does smell like a trash can).

If I eat leftover popcorn for breakfast this morning. It's delicious.

If I stay in my sweats all day today because James will be gone for 12 hours.

If I'm planning on making oatmeal for dinner, because James will be gone for 12 hours.

If the playroom still isn't painted because I'm still recouping from our weekend.

If I can't leave my house without mascara anymore. When did that happen anyway?

If I reward my children with chocolate milk for not arguing with me about what cartoons to watch in the morning.

If I slept on wet hair and now it looks like I got electrocuted.

{So What} If this post makes me look incredibly lazy….

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