Saturday, December 31, 2011


I've never really been filled with much doubt about God.
Faith has come so naturally to me. If it's written in Bible, I'll believe it without question.

It's a gift God has given me!

But there is not one thing on this earth that screams of God's fingerprint than babies.

Josiah @ 3 months

Pregnancy is a miracle! Being able to hold life inside of my belly is amazing. Knowing that in 9 months I will be holding a baby in my arms. Feeling them kick. Feeling them move. And seeing their face for the first time, makes me love my God even more!
And just knowing how complicated pregnancy is, and how many things have to line up JUST PERFECT in order for life to begin, is amazing.
How could life "just happen" without a amazing designer behind it?

Micah @ 6 months

Hearing my babies laugh for the first time. Holding their tiny fingers. Seeing their first smiles. Or hearing them say "Mama". Having them reach out to me for the first time. Taking their first steps. Kissing their soft cheeks. Smelling their necks and feeling like that's what Heaven will smell like.
These are the moments I know I serve a powerful, genius God.

Ella @ 6 months

And even as babies turn to toddlers; and then to kids makes me marvel at our Creator.

God is good!

I'm amazed when my babies say "I love you" out of their own will for the first time. When they begin to run. When they start to show signs of their humor. When they understand what it means to give and share. And even in their pain.
I see God in all of these moments.

I am so blessed to believe in a God who believes in LOVE.
He's given me these amazing gifts.
How could I not believe?!?

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