Sunday, December 11, 2011

Craft Fair

I was so nervous.

I had no idea what I was getting into.

I had 7 days to prep for my first Craft Fair.

I worked for hours on end putting together all my clips.

When I walked into the gym where it was being held I saw HUGE displays set up full of gorgeous things.

I had a card table, a sheet, and a mirror.

I was totally out of my element.

I called James in tears. Thinking I was going to be an epic failure.

For the first 3 hours I didn't make one sale, and only had a couple of people even walk by my table. I was devastated.

But around lunchtime I made my first sale!
(Granted it was to one of my best friends, but I'll take it)

Things really started to pick up around lunch time. And needless to say I wasn't a HUGE failure.
I did better than I had expected.

So no tears when I got home. And I even came home with some money!

God is always in control and I'm so thankful to my hubby, and my sister for praying for me during the sale. What would I do without their prayers?!

These were my best sellers.

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