Thursday, December 8, 2011

Travel Bugs

Josiah at 27 months

I was inspired to tell a traveling story from this post.We have only taken the boys on one plane ride. We've always just opted to drive, we have more control over the situation when we drive.

Every other Christmas we usually drive to Kansas from Colorado to visit James' grandparents and extended family.

Josiah was 2 and I was 7 months pregnant.

Note the big belly...yep that was Micah : )

The drive out to Kansas went wonderfully! Josiah was a champ. He thinks it's pretty cool to be able to watch movies for hours on end!

On Christmas Even in Kansas there is always a big party at James' grandparents house. It's always soups, and appetizers. Which is normally perfectly wonderful!

Not this year.

This was the year that James' mom decided to make her delicious salmon soup. I gobbled mine right down. It tasted amazing! (I know what your thinking....but it really did taste delicious).

The only problem was that it made the house smell like fish, and by the time dinner had rolled around James wasn't feeling great. He went to lay down and that's when the vomit began. Then out of nowhere it hit all of us who had traveled to Kansas. And the smell of the salmon soup became the bane of our existence!

There is nothing worse than a puking baby!

This is how Josiah looked when he first started to feel sick.

By about 2am James, Josiah, and me were SO sick and felt SO dehydrated that we decided it was time to go to the ER. We were worried about my baby not getting what he needed; worried about Josiah getting to dehydrated, and worried that James (who has a heart condition) was not getting what he needed.

So we drove an entire 3 min to the smallest ER you can imagine, where James' 2nd cousin treated us. But because I was pregnant I was sent home without any medication : (. The suppository (yeah...that was fun to give my baby boy) seemed to work right away and we finally got some rest. But I have to say that it was probably the worst Christmas ever.

This is a pic of my boys on Christmas morning : (

And the car ride home was even worst. Josiah was still throwing up the entire ride home. And I was still 7 months pregnant and feeling like death.

I have never been SO grateful to be home. In my own bed. With Josiah in his own bed.
Thank God everything was ok with the my baby Micah.

Travel with sick babies = NIGHTMARE.

But it always reminds me to be thankful that every other day they are Healthy!

Blessed to have health in my babies!

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