Thursday, December 1, 2011

I think I blinked

Josiah is in preschool, and Kindergarten registration starts today.
Granted he's not going to K next year, but just knowing he could is killing me.

{This is his new smile...I'm not loving it...but I'll miss it when it's gone}

Micah is growing out of his clothes, and shoes, and looks like a BOY not a toddler.

Ella is army crawling, waving bye bye, and saying "da "da", and giving open mouthed kisses.

When did I blink?

This can't be happening! My babies are growing up so fast!

I feel like I try to savor every moment with my kids, and take a mental picture every time I want to remember a specific thing. But those memories are fading fast. Ella is only 6 months and I can barely remember how she felt in my arms in the hospital.

I feel so conflicted. I think I want another baby.


I know, I feel crazy just thinking it. But I feel like my heart has so much more room for more kids. I'm conflicted because I know I've had three c-sections, and my body struggles through each delivery, but I really want to be pregnant again.

I am conflicted because my Spirit tells me to adopt, but I still want to have more kids (maybe if I have 4, 1 will resemble me and not their father).

I know it's a hormonal change going on right now, but I'm just SO sad that they are growing up so quickly.

I cried myself to sleep the night Ella started to army crawl. I'm a mess. Not just a regular hormonal mess....a big hot mess. I love my babies. This is killing me to watch them grow up!

Is there something we can give them to stunt growth and keep them like this forever (maybe just minus the terrible two attitude).

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