Monday, December 19, 2011

What I Love About....Santa Pics

Here's What I Love About....Santa Pictures.

Yes, I'm one of those Moms that tortures her children and makes them sit on Santa's lap and take a Christmas picture.

Every. Year.

I want one until they are too old to take one of themselves and must make their children take one.

I. Love. These.

So here's the pics from when Josiah was 3 months old to today. Enjoy!

{Cause I do!}

He looks so lonely.
{Josiah at 3 months}

Josiah wasn't loving Santa.
Micah was loving Santa.
Santa was NOT loving any of this.
{Josiah 2, Micah 10 months}

I'm pretty sure this will be the best picture my boys ever take together.
Isn't this AMAZING?!?!
{Josiah 3, Micah 1}

First attempt not so great. I know...lets do it again... : )

Our second attempt...much better. Less tears.
{Josiah 4, Micah 2, Ella 6 months}

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