Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting Out the Door

~The Culprits of My Not So Leisurely Morning~

I have to admit that 4 short years ago I was quite prideful in the fact that I could get out of bed and out the door within 20 min. And I wouldn't look like a complete disaster.
Flash forward to out of the door is now the bane of my existence.
This is usually what it looks like in my house...

6am- James alarm clock goes off and James takes a shower

6:15-6:30 The boys and Ella wake up
James gets the boys and I get Ella

6:30- James will turn on some cartoon for the boys and get them milk
I will nurse Ella

6:45- Diapers get changed (this is my favorite part of the morning) *note sarcasm*

6:50- I'll make the boys breakfast (and by make I mean pour a bowl of cereal or throw pancakes in the toaster or nuke oatmeal).

6:51- Make some coffee for me and offer to get some for James and tell him "sorry he has to get his own lunch together, because I didn't pack it the night before".
~awesome wife award~

6:52- Tell the boys "no" they can't have something else than what I already made for them

6:54- Tell them "no" they can't have juice and pick up Ella, cause she's getting fussing laying on the floor by herself

6:58- Tell them to stay in their chairs while they eat. Then we all kiss James good bye and he heads to work.

7:00- Pour my cup of coffee and mix with a lot of creamer

7:05- Tell them they better start eating or they'll be hungry later and to stay in their chairs and stop fighting.

7:06- "No" to juice

7:10- Go get the kid's clothes for the day

7:20- Reheat oatmeal because it's starting to get cold and tell them to eat
~yes, I'm a nag~

7:21- Tell them they better start eating and stay in their chairs and "no" they can't have juice

7:25- Try to keep Ella entertained while I am getting dressed (this does not usually include a shower, but I've found baby wipes and body spray to be my saving grace)

7:45- Tell the boys they have 5 more min to try and finish their breakfast and if they do I'll give them some juice

7:55- Have an internal debate whether or not I should let Ella have a quick nap before I have to take Josiah to school, and usually just end up dressing her and keeping her awake.

8:00- Tell the boys their hour long breakfast venture is over. They put their dishes in the sink, and tell me their still hungry (imagine that). I then run Micah under the faucet to clean him off.

8:05- After explaining to the kids why they should have ate at a quicker pace, I tell Josiah to get dressed and wrangle Micah to get him dressed (which is another highlight of my morning).

8:10- Micah is dressed but now I'm arguing with Josiah on what t-shirt I picked out for him to wear. They ask for juice (can you see the theme with the dang juice)

8:15- Put Ella someplace high where the boys can't get to her and I attempt to eat breakfast and start to drink my coffee.

8:20- Come downstairs and tell the boys to get their shoes on, only to realize Josiah is still naked. Start to lose my temper with Jo (say a quick prayer), and tell him he'll get no juice if he doesn't get dressed RIGHT NOW

8:22- Pick up Ella, she's really tired now and try to find Micah's shoes

8:28- Find Micah's shoes. And now I'm stressed because Jo is still working on getting his socks on.
Ella is crying so I put her in her carseat. Now she's screaming.
Tell Josiah to put on his shoes.
Pour juice into sippy cups for the car ride.
Tell Jo to put on his shoes.

8:35- I'm stressing out because we need to get in the car NOW. I tell the boys to go get into the garage and they are crying about wanting their juice before they get into the car. I put Ella in the car first, wrangle the boys to get in.
Make sure I have all of our bags (and I usually forget one of them).

8:38- Leave the house to drop Jo off at preschool, and realize I'm going to need to reheat my coffee when I get home, I never drank it.

And that's just the start of my day.

I'd tell you about the rest of my day, but let's be'd take forever just to read it!

After all of this...
I wouldn't want to trade a morning like this for a morning where I get to shower and get all fancied up.
I'm pretty sure I have the best job.
Even if it means I have oatmeal stuck to my booty when I walk out the door.

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