Thursday, October 13, 2011

Webcam Shenanigans

James and I recently had a great decision to make. Our old PC was on it's way out and it was time for the dreaded computer purchase.

My sister had recently bought a MAC and told us that it was amazing. At a staggering $1200 for the least expensive desktop, we had some serious considering to do. I went into the Apple Store loaded with questions, and came out dead set that I wanted to own one.

It has been SO much fun! I can't even begin to tell you all of the amazing features that it possesses, but my most favorite is the iPhoto and all of the editing I can do with it.
I have been dreaming of doing some more photo editing with all the pictures I have, and a while back I had gotten a trial version of Photoshop; only to realize there was no way I would be able to learn it all without a class.

But the MAC makes it so easy to do some fun edits. Here's a few of my favs from editing

~Our Wedding~

~My sister's beautiful family~

~Josiah's Makeup Skills~

But the most fun aspect of it all is that it comes with a webcam. I'll be honest and admit that webcams have always freaked me out. But the boys are CRAZY about it. I'm mean really crazy about it. We've taken a million of these....

"Help Me!"

~Brotherly Love~

~Yep...Embracing the Camera for sure!~

Anyway...I think we'd make a pretty good looking alien family.
Don't you?

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