Monday, October 3, 2011

Still Small Voice

James and I attend a non-denominational Christian Church. And I have really been loving the sermons lately. They have been preached with passion and conviction. And truly the Holy Spirit has been at work there.
On our car ride home from Nebraska, James and I had some amazing time to just chat in the car. This is a rare moment of peace and quite when we can just have a conversation. It was the perfect time for us to talk to each other about what God had been speaking to us about.
I have felt God telling me in a still small voice that He has something big planned for my life. I knew that if God was telling this to me than he had to be saying the same thing to James. So I asked him:
"James, what's God telling you He has planned for our lives?"
James: "I don't know, I was hoping he was telling you the specifics".

*Frustration Settles In*

Here we are, listening to God's call on our hearts, and He has not spoken to either of us about what these specific things are. I asked James if he thought it was his calling to be a pastor one day (because I think he would be AMAZING at leading a congregation closer to the Lord). His response was (as it has been for the past 5 years) no, not now.

So what are we to do? Right now we are making these everyday, little decisions and we are praying that God will take those tiny decisions and guide our paths the way He wants them to go.

James is especially frustrated not knowing what God's calling is on our lives. I know that right now God's calling on our lives is to be husband and wife, father and mother, teacher and friend. He has given us an amazing family that we are to be takin
g care of. But that's now; it would be so nice to know what He has in store for us. Until then, we wait on the Lord. We pray he directs our paths, and then we trust him. He is good, and he will show us when the time is ready.


*On a side note; if eyes are the window to a person's soul. These are some amazing souls!*

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