Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy 28th to my Hubby

Here's to you James:

I've know you for 7 years.

Fell in love with you 2 weeks after I met you.

Engaged 21 months later.
{Best decision I've ever made}

Married 6 months later.

Aruba for our Honeymoon

College graduation
{Didn't know it yet, but we were pregnant with Josiah}

2nd Anniversay trip to Denver
{Didn't know it yet but pregnant with Micah}

Trip to Nebraska to watch the Huskers ~WIN~
{Pregnant with Micah}

My first trip to San Diego

1 day after Ella was born

How unexpected has our life been?

I wouldn't trade 1 second of it for anything.

So here's to being with you for the


Happy birthday!

How much do I love you?
"Too Much"

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