Sunday, October 23, 2011

What I Love About...

Here's to another Monday
And here's to what I love about...

~My 4 year old Josiah~

How he stole my heart the minute I met him and made me a first time Mommy

His adorable smiles
and sense of humor

Love for his siblings

Amazing giggle when I tickle him

His love to tell stories

His awesome dance moves
and I mean AWESOME

His imagination

That he looks just like his daddy

He's a people pleaser

That he is so compliant

His desire to help

His crazy, unmanageable hair

That he has already chosen a wife "ViVi"

That he wants to listen to "his songs" in the car

The way he talks
(even if he does have a "delay")

That he is so emotional

That he says:
"I want to go to Heaven" & "I want to see Jesus"

The thing I love the most about Josiah is:
His unwavering faith. This is the child Jesus spoke of when talking about faith like a child.

I am so proud of him!

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