Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Am

Being a mom looks completely different to each mom. Just like each mom has her own fingerprint, she also has her own unique way to be a mother. I was talking to my sister to other day about how we have little ways we do things different; but we know in the end our kids are going to turn out just fine. So this is how I am:

I am a Mom who:

Makes my kids take pictures, even when they don't want to

Is not good at "sleep training" my kids

Can't let my babies cry at night

Breastfed my babies until they decided they were done
{which was at 9 months, not 36months : ) }

Lets my boys get really dirty when they dig in the mud

Makes them wash their hands when they are done digging in the mud

Gives a spank on the booty when deemed necessary
{but doesn't do it as often as deserved}

Talkes to my kids about Jesus {all the time}

Daily reminds my kids the importance of family and what that looks like

Cries when I send them off to preschool

Can be just as hard headed as my 2 year old

Lets them watch cartoons in the morning

Is not afraid to look like a fool when I play with them

Makes them eat oatmeal when they watch cartoons in the morning

Never gives in when they are whining

Makes them eat what I make
{with a few ketchup}

Who's closet and laundry room will NEVER be clean

Gives lots of cuddles in my bed
{but won't let them sleep in it, but I get really sad when I kick them out}

Has dropped them off in the childcare room at church since they were babies

Lets them run around in public and act like kids

But mostly I am a mom who will NEVER JUDGE another mom for how she raises her kids.

Never, never, never!

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